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Affordable Computer Repair and Web Design

                                                                     Average repair cost of only $25

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  Office: (512) 873-8324
Office: (512) USE-TECH

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  Mission: "To help customers achieve the most affordable, honest and effective technological solutions."

As the following Youtube video shows, computer owners are ripped off every day by "established" computer repair outlets, and far too often, simple issues are mis-diagnosed for profit.
That's why we offer FREE diagnostics and AFFORDABLE quotes.
Jameritech also offers tech support by phone: (512) USE-TECH.

Computer Repair Rip Offs

Jameritech brings you over ten years of experience in the industry from companies such as DELL, Intel and AMD, along with electronics and computer science degrees from ACC and UT. Jameritech strives to bring you the most affordable and effective technlogical soultions. So come to Jameritech where you will get:

Flexibility and Control with on demand hardware and software technical support.

Free and affordable technical support in:     Computer system's setup, upgrades, repairs, mal-ware removal and recovery.
     Computer Networking.
     Design and maintenance of your own web page.
     Registering or transferring your own web address.
Consulting on other technical topics.

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